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About Manika Trading Group

Manika Traders, along with its consolidated subsidiaries, operates as a prominent trading entity. Our vast business network allows us to engage in import and export activities, third-country trading, and diverse domestic operations. With a strong presence in industries spanning metals & mineral resources, life sciences, information technology, food & agri business, infrastructure & logistics, education, supply chain solutions, next-generation business development, and next-generation corporate development, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions and drive sustainable growth in various sectors. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and our wide-ranging business activities. At Manika Trading Group, we create new value by seamlessly blending the strengths of our Group, internal and external expertise, and individual aspirations and goals, utilizing the Group as a single, unified platform. Additionally, the MANIKA Group offers a variety of services, makes internal and external investments, and is involved in resource development throughout all of the above industries.

Our Vision

We anticipate the issues and challenges facing society and create innovative solutions for our customers and for the world, breaking down barriers between sectors, between internal and external, crossing borders, building on our existing business models and expanding into new markets. We will generate new value by freely combining our Group’s strengths, internal and external expertise, individual dreams and visions, taking the MANIKA Trading Group as one single platform.