Welcome to Manika Trading Group!

Nurturing Research for Transformative Product Innovations from Vision to Reality

Welcome to Manika Trading Group!

Driving Global Success through Innovation and Expertise

Domestic Business Operations

Tap into the potential of the US market across diverse industries


About Us

Welcome to Manika Trading Group!

Manika Traders, along with its consolidated subsidiaries, operates as a prominent trading entity. Our vast business network allows us to engage in import and export activities, third-country trading, and diverse domestic operations. With a strong presence in industries spanning metals & mineral resources, life sciences, information technology, food & agri business, infrastructure & logistics, education, supply chain solutions, next-generation business development, and next-generation corporate development, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions and drive sustainable growth in various sectors. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and our wide-ranging business activities.

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Our Services

At Manika Trading, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our expertise covers diverse fields, including but not limited to:

Importing and Exporting Excellence

We facilitate global trade by connecting businesses and facilitating the seamless exchange of goods.

Third-Country Trading

Our extensive network allows us to conduct trading activities between multiple countries, enabling smoother transactions.

Domestic Business

We engage in various domestic business activities, leveraging our knowledge and resources for successful ventures.

Investment Services

We make strategic investments in promising ventures to foster growth and maximize returns.

Resource Development

We actively participate in resource development projects across industries to fuel sustainable progress.

Commodity Trading

Facilitating commodities such as metals, agricultural products, energy resources, and other raw materials on international markets.